internet radio receiver

flash appliance design

information technology and database modeling

Radio is our passion and with the advent of mp3, it is revolutionizing web music broadcasts. Macromedia flash allows us to be creative in this new age of intuitive devices. Our group's radio receiver is an internet radio developed in-house by our specialized team. It is a unique internet appliance whose technical capabilities far exceed those of any other similar device. Our flash appliance design expertise is an important factor in the pursuit of our objectives in regards to appliance integration. Our ultimate goal is to apply these cutting-edge tools to our second generation mp3 receiver. The web receiver and specifically our web radio will benefit greatly from the integration of these improvements in rapid application web design. Many new challenges still remain as our internet radio receiver approaches its commercialization phase. Our mp3 radio receiver is truly a revolution in streaming audio reception.

Our skill set is quite extensive and diversified. Our team is proficient in working environments such as javascript, php, c++, mfc on a variety of platforms such as Windows, Mac, Unix, Aix and Linux. Since 1996, ICI Design has excelled in the realm of cutting-edge software development. ICI Design's founder is a 1985 graduate in software engineering from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. In its early beginnings, ICI Design was primarily involved in the integration of heterogeneous information systems. The 1990s is considered the golden age of information technology as the whole commercial and industrial communities were implementing information system management infrastructures. Furthermore, many outdated financial environments were to be critically affected by the year 2000 anomaly. This forced these data dependent institutions to concentrate substantial efforts in order to correct the problem. It is under these tumultuous circumstances that ICI Design matured as a software company.

Throughout these years, ICI Design participated in many projects for its database, and database management customers. Its in-depth knowledge of relational and object oriented database modeling concepts and cross-platform development experience was a key factor in its significant accomplishments with regards to call centers, and call center management implementations in the late 1990s. More recently, ICI Design has brought its extensive knowledge of control systems to the domain of non-destructive testing. ICI Design has designed and implemented several complex automated control systems that integrate complex mathematical models and high precision ultrasound analysis components. At the end of 2002, ICI Design joined forces with Hektech Interactive and Sinus sound studios in order to pursue its multimedia activities. This partnership has resulted in a unique approach to interactive interface design meant to free the user from cumbersome technology. This is only just a beginning.

ICI Design. Providing innovative solutions in the pursuit of technological freedom.